Springs At 1250m Above Sea Level

We are one of the best water route delivery companies in Lebanon

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up to %60 of human adult body is water and needs daily minerals intake Drink More, Live Healthier, Drink Dana Water


​Dana natural Spring Water comes from the heights of Niha mountains. What starts out as rain and snow, soaks into the ground and is filtered naturally by the earth combined with natural healthy minerals from soil


Dana Water provides natural spring water to Lebanese consumers. The company started in 2007 from its bottling plant which is located in Niha mountain and then expanded its operations to other Lebanese territories, which made it one of the best water route delivery companies in Lebanon

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Dana water staff always keep their clients enlightened with new water and health posts. We are part of this community and want to spread the importance of drinking natural mineral water on mind, body & health. Please follow our blog and get healthier


















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Dana Water Minerals

We’re knowledgeable about the ratios of minerals in water your body needs. So be sure that we care about your health as much as we take care of delivering the best water bottles to your homes.

Find next a list of some mineral ratios for each liter of Dana water 

How Dana water is processed:
First its extracted from very pure underground mineral water that is collected to a custom built special holding tank.
Then it goes through a comprehensive micro filtration and ozonation process which ensures that the water is pure and bateria free. In fact, the ozonation process also kills any bacteria that might be present in the bottle  
The end result to you is a pure, healthy and great tasting natural spring water.
Enjoy drinking Dana water for a better health.


Dana Water safety standards

Dana Water is using an advanced system in bottling water and rigidly adheres to highest standards and guidelines of safety and keeps a constant level of healthy water through its on-site lab that monitors and tests the water quality through our production process on daily basis.